Not sure if you’ve figured it out or not, but I’ve been writing a ton about teaching and learning with technology this month!

That’s because I’m spending my three-week vacation on the road presenting two-day workshops connected to Teaching the iGeneration — my book about using digital tools and services to make learning more efficient.

I was in Orlando this week, and one of the participants asked for a list of all of the services that I recommend for various digital projects. I thought that was a great idea and whipped one up last night.

You can download it here:

Download Handout_QuickGuidetoWebTools

It’s important to remember that this handout is designed as a companion to the participant wiki that we use in the Teaching the iGeneration workshop.  That means the descriptions for interesting ways to use each of the tools in this handout are brief.

If you need/want more information about the specific role that these tools play in my work, you’ll have to either spend time poking through the wiki — which can be found online here — OR you’ll have to buy the book!



It’s also important to note that there’s no one RIGHT collection of tools for schools to be using.  While the services that I share in my Quick Guide are the tools that work best for me, your choices may vary depending on your individual instructional needs and situations.

Feel free to use my list as a starting point for your own work — but if you find a better option somewhere else, run with it!

Finally, please understand that digital tools and services are CONSTANTLY changing.  While this list is accurate as of today, it could easily become outdated in no time.  Services close up shop all the time.  Similarly, new services are always being unveiled.

I’ll do my best to keep this list updated, but I can’t promise that it will be perfect when you find it!


Hope this helps somehow,



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