As a guy who has written two books about using technology in schools (see here and here) and who regularly delivers two-day workshops on teaching with technology (see here), one of the questions that I’m asked all the time is, “So what digital tools are YOU using in the classroom?”

While my first reaction is always to explain that choosing tools can only start once a practitioner has a clear vision for what they want their students to know and be able to do (see here), I also understand that having a sense for the kinds of services that other digitally driven teachers have embraced is useful — particularly to people who are just beginning to integrate technology into their classrooms.

To that end, I’ve created an annotated Quick Guide to the Web 2.0 services that I find useful as a teacher and a learner.  You can download it here:


You can also bookmark the link to the Quick Guide in my Dropbox here.  That may even more useful to you simply because you’ll see new additions and deletions anytime that I make changes to the document.


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