Ever hunger for an education blog that puts reasonableness ahead of shock value? A blogger who’s willing to examine all sides of an issue and present a nuanced view of education policy and school reform? If so, the Public School Insights blog, supported by the Learning First Alliance, will satisfy your appetite.

PSI offers a mix of podcasts and interviews with visionary educators, newsy feature stories, and opinion pieces written by blogkeeper Claus von Zastrow, LFA’s executive director, that manage to be both balanced and fiercely pro- public education. PSI also features guest opinion pieces by teachers, including nearly a dozen written by members of the Teacher Leaders Network.

In addition, the Public School Insights website has built an ever-growing collection of articles under the banner School Success Stories. Some are original products; others are based on previously published stories that have been condensed and vetted by PSI staff. Here’s a recent sample, describing the successful literacy program at a high-poverty elementary school serving a small fishing community on Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

The Learning First Alliance, by the way, is a coalition of 20 or so major education associations—from NEA and AFT to the National School Boards Association and the PTA. This helps explain, perhaps, the extra effort to make all opinion pieces as fair and balanced as possible. But this balancing act has not kept von Zastrow from writing timely observations that are not only lively and thought-provoking but frequently produce stimulating follow-up comments from the blog’s many followers.

If Public School Insights isn’t in your sights on a daily basis, it should be.

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