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Cheryl Redfield

  • Gilbert, AZ, US
  • Highland Junior
  • English / Language Arts | 8th
  • Teaching for 10 years

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Be the change you wish to see in the world--Ghandi

My passion as a teacher leader is to elevate the profession in the eyes of the general public, and to advance the our profession in the areas of preparation and mentoring as well as professional standards/certification. These ideas matter to me because teacher quality is the single most important factor toward educational equity in our country. Every child deserves the best education possible!

Professional experience

My current job title: 



Highland Junior


Gilbert Public Schools

City / town: 

Gilbert, Arizona

State, province, or region: 



United States

Percentage of students at my school who qualify for the federal free/reduced lunch program: 

0 to 25%

Years (including this school year) I have been a classroom teacher: 


Years (including this school year) I have worked in education: 



What is your National Board Certification area?: 

English as a New Language - Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood

What year did you achieve certification?: 


What year did you renew?: 


Leadership roles I play or have played: 

Author of a publication about teaching
Conference speaker or panelist
Interviewee or panelist for the media
Mentor of new teachers
Provider of school-based PD
School-community partnership coordinator
Supervisor of student teacher(s)
Professional organization officer/leader
Other activities

Other leadership roles: 

1. On the Board of Directors for both National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation

Education interests and goals

I am interested in: 

Communications Lab[Want to go public with your bold ideas? Sharpen your communications and multimedia skills here.]
CTQ-Global[Global education challenges require the collective expertise of the world best’s educators, including you. ]

One positive change I hope to see in our schools: 

I work toward the day when the classroom expertise is the foundation for effectively leading schools, so that master teachers are expected to serve in hybrid roles as coaches, instructional specialists, mentors or pre-service teachers, and curriculum specialist.

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