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Brianna Crowley

  • Harrisburg, PA, US
  • (worked for 9 years) Hershey High School
  • Creative Writing / Journalism, English / Language Arts, Technology, Other (fill-in-blank) | n/a
  • Teaching for 9 years

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In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. Eric Hoffer

I work full time for CTQ on their communications team. As a 2014-15 Teacherpreneur, I understand the amazing work that can result from teachers being given the time and space to lead while also staying embedded in their classroom practice. I want our education system to evolve so that more teachers can lead without leaving. Ironically, I felt I needed to leave in order to work on that system. (I recently wrote about that on my CTQ blog Red Pen Reflections) I have a passion for the power of stories--written, visual, and whispered. So I love working with teachers on how their stories can be shared with the world that needs to hear them. For more about me, find me on Twitter, LinkedIN, and as part of the Talks with Teachers team who published the book Best Lesson Series 15 Master Teachers Share What Works.

Professional experience

My current job title: 

Value Creation Strategy with the Center for Teaching Quality


(worked for 9 years) Hershey High School


Derry Township

City / town: 


State, province, or region: 



United States

My school would best be described as: 


Percentage of students at my school who qualify for the federal free/reduced lunch program: 

0 to 25%

Years (including this school year) I have been a classroom teacher: 


Years (including this school year) I have worked in education: 


Name of my union or association: 

National Education Association (or one of its local/state affiliates)

Professional organizations: 


Education and preparation

University or other program that initially prepared me to teach: 

Shippensburg University

I was initially prepared to teach in this type of program: 

Traditional undergraduate college/university preparation

I took part in a subsequent preparation program of this type: 

Graduate program

College/university degrees: 

Walden University

State certifications, endorsements, or licenses: 

Instructional designer, Education Technology Integration,


What is your National Board Certification area?: 

English Language Arts - Adolescence and Young Adulthood

Leadership roles I play or have played: 

Conference speaker or panelist
Curriculum developer beyond my classroom
Provider of school-based PD
Instructional coach

Other leadership roles: 


Professional accomplishments: 

Other honors, awards, and recognitions

Education interests and goals

Other interests: 

Educational Technology, Hybrid teacher roles, curriculum development,

One positive change I hope to see in our schools: 

I hope to see teachers as equal colleagues and partners with administrators, central office, and educational support organizations to move education forward and solve some of its most intractable problems. 

What I’m learning about now: 

I'm interested in how systems change happens on a local, state, and national level. I'm fascinated with the role compelling story-telling can play in shifting perspectives and engaging diverse groups to invest together in change. I want to understand how to open a public magnet school in Pennsylvania, and I hope to collectively lead a TeacherPowered school. 

My current leadership goal: 

Listen more than talk. Ask questions more than provide answers. Be fearless in taking a stand for what is best for students. 

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