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Barnett Berry

  • Hillsborough, NC, US
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The time is now to blur the lines of distinction between those who teach in schools and those who lead them. Barnett Berry on education reform

Barnett Berry, CEO & Partner @CTQ since… 1999 (CTQ’s very first day of business) What I do (in a tweet) I think, write, and take action on the future of the profession that makes all other possible. Experience Barnett has taught in an urban high school, worked as a social scientist at the RAND Corporation, led policy initiatives at a state education agency, and served as a professor of education. He has authored numerous academic publications and articles for the popular education press. He frequently serves in an advisory capacity to organizations committed to teaching quality, equity, and social justice in America's schools. He loves working with teachers and helping to create opportunities for them to lead the transformation of their profession. For over 36 years, he has been married to Meredith, a fabulous special education teacher (now retired, but still supporting her students). They are the very proud parents of Joseph, a political organizer and law student, and Evan, an organic farmer. Why CTQ? Our nation’s policymakers must shift their focus from firing “bad teachers” to building on the expertise of the many excellent ones teaching today. If America is going to ensure high quality education for all its students, then we must spread the pedagogical and policy expertise of teachers. Something fun • I’m a relentless advocate for the teaching profession. • I’m deeply committed to family and friends. • I’m addicted to hot yoga. Three favorite professional reads • The Flat World and Education by Linda Darling-Hammond • Finnish Lessons by Pasi Sahlberg • The Third Wave by Alvin Toffler Email: Twitter: @BarnettCTQ

Professional experience

My current job title and organization (if applicable): 

CEO & Partner

(If applicable) I began this job in: 


Other professional experience: 

High school teacher, think tank analyst, professor, state education agency bureaucrat (did not last long), researcher, and advocate

Professional organizations: 


My work relates to PreK-12 education. Here's how: 

I conduct research and write think pieces on the future of teaching; I advocate for the profession.

Education and preparation

College/university degrees: 

University of South Carolina, B.A. in Sociology (1977); M.Ed in Education (1978) and University of North Carolina, Ph.D in Education Policy (1984)


My professional and personal accomplishments: 

I taught for three years over three decades ago (1978-81) with very little to show for it. In 2013, a former student of mine, Fabian Albert, who I taught in 1980, called me to let me know how much I helped her gain confidence in herself. 

I have founded a non-profit dedicated to supporting the 3.2 million teachers of America - and we are flourishing -- albeit in quite a turbulent and sometimes hostile environment -- and begining to find those who are ready to embrace the bold brand of leadership from the classroom. It is amazing we have been in business for 14 years!

But most of all I have best marriage of all time to my wife of over 36 years, Meredith - and we have two fabulous grown children - Joseph and Evan. 

Education interests and goals

Other interests: 

Digital learning and mobile apps for teachers to take control of accountability

What I’m learning about now: 

International education and how and why other nations invest in teachers and the students they teach. 

My current leadership goal: 

Find new ways for teachers to learn from each other across the globe -- and spread best practices in pedagogy and policy.

One positive change I hope to see in our schools: 

More hybrid roles for teachers embraced by administrators

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