I’ll be joining an amazing group of educators and thought leaders as a keynote speaker at the Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) Live Conference in Philadelphis, Sept. 28th.

In preparation, for the event I talked with Christen Dodd for the PLP blog Voices from the Learning Revolution.  Here’s a slice of our conversation:

What do you see as the major shift needed in professional learning environments these days?

How we see ourselves and how we see our colleagues. Teachers need to view ourselves as self-directed professionals; not the hired help waiting to be told or controlled. We should view our colleagues not as competition (or worse), but as our competent peers and as our own teachers–not “what can I show everybody else how to do” but what can all of us learn together. This is especially relevant to how Black and minority educators are often viewed.

Check out the full exchange, which also includes a link to a longer interview I did with PLP about a year ago. Better yet, join us in Philly for what promises to be passionate, mind-shifting discussions among some very thoughtful peers.

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