I am really honored and excited to be part of this great meeting sponsored by Powerful Learning Practice. Here’s part of what’s planned:

  • Inspiration from top names in education such as John Seely Brown, Suzie Boss, Bruce Dixon, Will Richardson, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Jackie Gerstein, Jane Krauss, Renee Moore, Eliza Spang, and more
  • Active, creative collaboration with educators and educational leaders from across the globe to solve issues from the classroom to policy makers
  • Most importantly, shift: why we need it, how to make it happen in your own teaching, your classroom, your school, your local community, how becoming a connected educatoraccelerates the shift, and how to inspire others to ride the wave of change with you.
  • Plus a one-of-a-kind opportunity: Lunch ‘n’ learn with the speakers – ‘Mingle and munch’ in casual conversation with the keynote speakers and breakout session facilitators. Ask your questions. Share your ideas. Discuss the issues.

Can’t make it? Follow the Twitter hashtag #PLPLive12 to get details as they happen!

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