We’re delighted to see TLN Forum member Cindi Rigsbee highlighted in the latest issue of Educational Leadership magazine. Editor Marge Scherer uses some quotes from Cindi’s essay “Positively Teaching,” originally published at the Teacher Magazine website, to help introduce the September EL theme, “The Positive Classroom.”

It’s an interesting issue, with several freely available stories published on the Web. InJoy in School, teacher educator Steve Wolk suggests that while teachers cannot always banish boredom, “why not reach for joy?” In Assuming the Best, Rick Smith and Mary Lambert suggest ways that teachers can help students learn both content and appropriate behavior “in a safe, structured classroom.” Author-educator Paula Denton reminds us in The Power of Our Words that what teachers say “influences students’ identities as learners” and shares five principles from the Responsive Classroom canon that can help keep that influence positive.

And don’t miss the Online Only articles (links at the bottom ofthe Table of Contents) for more ideas about getting the school year off to a positive start. There’s plenty of sound advice of special interest to new teachers who may be unsure of how to set good precedents — from asking the right questions of students to serving up positive behavior management in the lunchroom.

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