PISA Day Has Arrived

In the next few hours, the world will learn the results of the 2012 Programme for International Assessment (PISA) test. You can watch a live presentation of the results, followed by panel discussions starting at 10:00 AM EST on the PISADAY website.

There has been a flurry of media coverage over the past several days about what the PISA results might mean. Tim Walker, an American teacher currently teaching in Finland, has a great list of media links on his blog. He intends to add to his collection of articles over the next few days. Last week, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) released a video entitled, “What Does the PISA Report Tell Us About U.S. Education?”  It is worth watching as you prepare to interpret the results.

I will report back with some of my own thoughts over the next few days. Please share any reactions that you have to the results along with links to insightful media coverage that you encounter.

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  • BarnettBerry

    PISA results

    Noah. Once again it is clear that top performing nations are investing in teachers in ways that the United States does not. As Marc Tucker, an astute observer, noted today, ” top performers have invested heavily in the skills of their teachers”  Marc went on to say that top peforming nations insist on “solid preparation in the craft of teaching” and that they “do not believe in alternative routes into teaching that skip this step.”  Shanghai, which rises to the very top in the 2012 rankings “have worked very hard to set up systems that have the effect of helping teachers to improve their practice year after year in a very disciplined way.”