Pi Lambda Theta, the venerable national honor society of educators, will soon celebate its centennial anniversary. I discovered PLT’s quarterly journal, Educational Horizons, a few years ago during a Google search and spent several enjoyable hours perusing back issues in PDF format. The journal’s no-nonsense turn-of-the-(20th)-century layout doesn’t promise much excitement, but I never fail to find several intriguing articles — some tinged with wry humor.

Take the piece by Georgia teacher educator Wade Carpenter in the Winter 2007 issue (Volume 85, Number 2), which bears the Swiftean title “Top Ten Reasons to Eliminate Foundation Courses from Teacher Education.” This issue also includes a concise summary of the 2005 book A Good Teacher in Every Classroom: Preparing the Highly Qualified Teachers Our Children Deserve (edited by Linda Darling-Hammond and Joan Baratz-Snowden). Other recent issues include articles like “Why Americans Love to Reform Public Schools,” “Lesson Planning” (from a Chinese perspective), “Professional Learning Communities and the Eight Year Study,” and “Will Corporations Have to Hold a Bake Sale?” Pi Lambda Theta has generously made complete volumes of Educational Horizons publicly available on the PLT website in easy-to-download PDF files. Take advantage!

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