I just changed my bio on most of my social media accounts.  Now, that may not seem like a big deal, but it reflects a significant internal change:  I’ve found my voice again, after what seems like a hiatus of years.  While the reasons aren’t important, there was a three year stretch that speaking my truth felt like a dangerous action, so I kept my records via a personal faith journey blog and left the school arena alone.

In retrospect, it was the safe path.

It was self-silencing.

It was my own attempt to get along with the majority and smooth the waters, which is not something I’ve ever been good at.  I tried to fit in when I’ve always stood out, and sometimes I stood out like a lightning rod right before a thunderstom.

Now, some of that was good, especially in the way that it made me a better writer.  It helped me learn to accept feedback.  It made me more self-reflective.

A look at my old bio:   If you only turn into one wavelength of people, you miss the big picture. I’ve spent my career working to understand people and new challenges in education through travels across multiple grade levels, districts, and leadership positions. Change happens in life, climate, and learning.

My new:  Equity matters. Believer in the value of thoughtful change. Thinker. Speaking my truth. 

None of the old wording rings any less true. But it also doesn’t hold me accountable to who I am now, and what I need to do going forward to bring to light the stories of my journey as an educator and the needs of my students. We live in a global world.

The difference?  It’s time to speak boldly instead of fearfully. My students need that, and, I believe, so do I.

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