It’s been a long hiatus from my blogging life; however, even though I haven’t been writing much, I have been paying attention.

One thing I watched (and you should too if you missed it) was the much needed dialogue between MSNBC host, Melissa Harris-Perry and Pedro Noguera that was part of the Education Nation events, on creating opportunities for all students to learn.

The first segment of the discussion, Noguera talks about how the children of the poor must contend with the accumulating affects of poverty on their family AND of attending deliberately under-resourced schools.

In the follow-up segment, Noguera and a panel explore the real effects of the current test-based school reforms. Harris-Perry asks the questions that are too often left out of our public conversations about public education. I do wish that she had included more classroom teachers on that particular panel (did have the husband of a teacher), but the information in those segments includes some very inconvenient truths that will not just go away.

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