Paul Barnwell



A New Hampshire native, Paul is in his 12th year teaching in Kentucky public schools. He’s currently an English III and Digital Media teacher at Fern Creek Traditional High School in Louisville, KY, in addition to serving as a teacherpreneur for Jefferson County Public Schools. When he’s not working on education-related work, he enjoys traveling with his wife Rebecca, gardening, bow-hunting, and reading.

Work this year as a teacherpreneur

Paul is cultivating teacher capacity to design, facilitate, and improve professional collaboration in online spaces within and beyond Jefferson County in Kentucky.

Leadership verb: Choreograph

On being a teacherpreneur

"It's incomprehensible that teachers, our greatest professional asset in public education, aren't utilized more effectively to advance teaching and learning. I'm excited to be a part of the movement."

Support from administrators

"Dr. Meyer has given me the time and space to settle into the role, in addition to being open to learning more about what exactly it is I'm up to!"

Follow Paul's work

Twitter: @MindfulStew

Blog: Bluegrass Dispatches

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