Part 2: What do Tom Brady, dancing sharks, and teacher leadership have in common?

Lesson number two in teacher leadership from the Super Bowl:

When we fall flat (and we will), we must not be afraid try again. We can’t let these setbacks “deflate” our plans (I couldn’t help myself here!).

Many of us will remember watching Idina Menzel’s performance in Time Square on New Year’s Eve, or perhaps we saw this video clip after the fact. And she was just taken to task by Twitter, the media, so many. But did she hide? Did she quit? Not at all.

Idina Menzel was at University of Phoenix Stadium on February 1st, with millions of eyes on her as she sang the National Anthem. And what happened can be summed up with these headlines the following day:  

She killed it!

Lesson learned: We all fall flat on our faces. It happens. I can remember two years ago during a panel at a conference I was asked a softball of a question and everything just flew right out of my head, I couldn’t cobble a thought together, and I really faltered. I fell on my face. But the lesson we should learn and remember is that it is not a matter of IF it will happen, but WHEN it will happen. And it is part of the learning curve. We will get a lot of “no’s,” we will have failures, but each and every “no” is one step further in our work, and one step closer to a “yes.”

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  • MariaAngala

    Doing what it takes…

    I am preparing for a phone interview, which will be in an hour from now, about my being a NBCT …and then found this post of yours. How timely is this, now I have something to say during my interview! —

    On my 4th year as a classroom teacher I decided to embark on this journey of going through the process of national board certification. I received my NBC Blue Box three times; I missed by 20 points the first time I took it. It was understandable knowing that I was not a master teacher and I was still trying to absorb the Five Core Propositions of the National Board. As persistent as I am, I never back down once I start something, I press harder each time I try. The second round that I went through the process was more difficult because I was in a traumatic situation in my school and I was on my third trimester of my pregnancy. I submitted my second entry two weeks after giving birth, with the expectation that my score was going to drop big time! When I got my results lo and behold, I only missed by 2 points, and the feeling was worse. More than 200 hours was again spent on reflective writing and doing research on classroom management. In 2009 I finally became a National Board Certified Teacher, Exceptional Needs Specialist.


    Tough times never last, but tough people do!



  • DeidraGammill

    A good reminder


    Thank you for your post. As Maria noted above, it’s very timely. I’ve fallen flat on my face several times of late, and my first impluse has been to hide (literally and figuratively!). Your post and example with Idina Menzel was encouraging and a good reminder of how professionals face setbacks!

  • Taya Tayler

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