And here is part two! Despite sweltering heat and long professional development sessions, hope lives in our schools!

Six days of P.D.

Blood-born pathogens. Too much.

Finally students here! (Karen Tritt, KS)


Believe and inspire

Hope unabated abounds

In them, the future. (Dave Bosso, CT)


Ninety-one degrees

sweltering hot and smelly

Really hard to learn. (Jae Goodwin, MA)


Retire, not yet!

Guidance and love to give-still,

Whatever it takes. (Adrianne Teal, FL)


Last wisps of summer

Dissolve when children walk in

Bringing our future. (David Cohen, CA)


3 weeks passed so fast!

Love teaching first grade again,

But I am soooooooo tired!!!! (Cheryl Suliteanu, CA)


Missing the classroom

Grass is not always greener

It calls me back, “Teach.” (Dorina Sackman, FL)


Back to the classroom

Students fill my heart with joy

Let the learning start. (Daniele Massey, Department of Defense)


Fistful of pencils

Heart full of hope and promise

Nervous, but happy. (Jen Daigle-Matos, MA)

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