So obviously, my head has been swimming with thoughts related to the parent/teacher relationship, right?   Well, those thoughts continue today!  A buddy just sent this interesting article describing a research study on the causes of teacher burnout:

Teacher Burnout? Blame the Parents

Here’s a quote from the article:

Although perfectionism is often linked with job stress, teachers with perfectionist tendencies in this survey weren’t more likely to have burnout. But teachers who felt pressure to be perfect or experienced criticism for being imperfect were more likely to have burnout. Notably, the highest pressure to be perfect didn’t come from students or colleagues but from parents.

Do you feel “the highest pressure to be perfect” from the parents of your students? Does that pressure affect who you are or what you do in your classroom?  Does this pressure affect teachers from different grade levels differently? How about teachers with different levels of experience? Teachers working in affluent schools? Schools of poverty?

What can we do as accomplished educators to help parents to understand that “perfection” is almost impossible in a classroom?

Better yet, is perfection impossible in a classroom?


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