Micro learning for macro impact

These CTQ micro-webinars provided highly engaging and practical tools and strategies for educators to use immediately. At 30 to 45 minutes in length and focused on a specific skill, participants quickly engaged and walked away with additional tools in their toolbox. Unlike traditional professional learning sessions, we added topics throughout the school year based on feedback and emerging needs.


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Date and time Title Facilitator(s) Registration
Completed Leading forward: Creative solutions for systemic change Jessica Cuthbertson, NBCT View recording
Completed Insta-data! Real-time formative assessment that works Kristoffer Kohl, NBCT View recording
Completed Secure your own mask first:
How to best care for yourself, your staff, and your students
Tria Grant and Lori Nazareno, NBCT View recording
Completed Zoomies and roomies: Emerging best practices for hybrid teaching Allison Sampish, NBCT View recording
Completed New year, new tools: Showcasing what works in distanced learning Bridget Belcher, Deidra Williams, Kip Hottman, Laurie Kammrad, and Sallie Ortmann View recording
Completed We’re all in this together:
Collective leadership and school culture
Jennifer Cribbs, Vanessa Valencia, and Craig Washington View recording

Interested in bringing these micro-webinars to your school or district? Contact Alesha Daughtrey at adaughtrey@teachingquality.org.


1 Minutes

Supporting transitions to online learning

How well students learn this year has everything to do with how their teachers are supported. CTQ helped Oak Park Elementary District 97 make sure teachers can always access great coaching and professional learning - no matter how it's delivered.

The challenge

Even if districts are able to bring students back for some in-person learning in fall 2020, the outlook for how educators will be supported is less clear. Oak Park Elementary District 97 in Illinois wasn’t leaving its goals for equity and effectiveness to chance. District leaders needed to be sure that teachers could still access continuous, high-quality coaching and professional learning, no matter what.

Take your learning communities online.

Wherever it happens, professional learning keeps every school’s and teacher’s goals on track. We can help your educators learn to lead the way.

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The strategy

District leaders wanted to build capacity for sustaining virtual learning communities and support on three levels. Coaches needed to offer effective, engaging online professional learning for current educators and new hires. Principals needed to build community and efficacy among staff, parents, and students in challenging times. Other educators needed quick access to essentials for building equitable classroom cultures, even when classrooms weren’t physical spaces.

The CCI experience is front and center in how coaches and administrators are planning for next year: summer professional learning, new hire orientation, and back to school team-building and planning.

Emily Fenske, Director of Organizational Learning, D97

The process

D97 leaders cleared agendas for coaches’ and administrators’ regular meetings over one-month periods. This freed time and space to engage in CTQ’s Cultivating Communities for Impact (CCI) experience. Each cohort had opportunities to learn best practices for building rapport, engagement, and effective learning. CTQ facilitators coached participants to design and practice actual sessions they’d lead later in the summer. An extra PD day at the close of the school year was repurposed for all instructional staff to join targeted, 90-minute online workshops to prepare them for teaching in the fall.


As a result of this work:

  • 36 coaches and administrators are prepared as facilitators of online professional learning and support for instructional staff next year.
  • 600 teachers have a starting skills toolkit for online teaching and learning for the fall.
  • 84% of participants strongly agree that CCI was relevant to the work ahead of them next year.
  • 100% of participants agree/strongly agree that they would recommend CCI participation to a colleague.



The South Carolina Department of Education partnered with CTQ to develop a statewide Collective Leadership Initiative (CLI), intended to engage teams of leaders within schools to lead changes that help students meet the Profile of the SC Graduate.


3 Minutes

Capacity-building supports

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Educators supported through CTQ’s model are two to six times more likely than those supported in other networked approaches to apply online learning to instructional and leadership work and share knowledge with colleagues.

Schools adopting these approaches have seen up to 10 percentage point gains in benchmark scores as a result of stronger collaboration.


District, school, and organizational leaders can access insights into selecting “right fit” tools and platforms, integrating distance learning into your overall systems for instruction and support, and aligning professional development with planned and unplanned transitions in instructional delivery. CTQ offers on-call consultancy to advise on immediate decisions or design days for fuller strategy development with your team.


The CCI experience prepares educators to facilitate effective virtual learning communities for students and/or colleagues. A customizable series of five to nine live-facilitated sessions extends core skills from the “keys” series and supports participants in applying them to an authentic task such as designing online PD, navigating a transition to a new LMS, or supporting more engaged distance learning. CCI is designed as a cohort experience for 10-20 participants over 6-12 weeks and includes a year of follow-up support.


After the completion of the CCI experience, some participants may be ready to lead other educators in building skills. To help you fully embed that expertise within your district or organization, CTQ can prepare CCI completers as certified trainers for other educators you support. This gives the trainers – and you – full access to updated resources over time to sharpen online practice.

How can CTQ help you move forward?

2 Minutes

Skill-building webinars

Expanding your skills: Targeted webinar sessions

Each webinar supports up to 40 participants with key strategies and tools they can apply to instructional practice tomorrow. Sessions run 60-90 minutes, led by a facilitator(s) from CTQ’s staff and/or CTQCollab Innovation Team of educator-experts addressing content-tailored to your needs and context. Subscribe to a single session or stack them to create a customized series.


Keys to engaged
virtual learning
Need to jump-start their online practice for leading instruction or professional learning Participants will understand how to facilitate an engaging, effective collaboration meeting or class in a virtual space. Facilitators will provide an online resource and workshop the contents.
Keys to virtual
learning design
Are ready for more advanced use of tools to connect online and in-person instruction Participants will examine lesson planning, instructional design, engaging delivery, and assessment strategies in an online or blended environment. Participants also receive a resource list to extend exploration and practice.
Keys to recreating classroom culture Want support with classroom management, student engagement, and cultural competence Participants will learn strategies to recreate the atmosphere and culture of their classrooms online. Special attention is given to practices that support equity, inclusion, cultural competence, social-emotional learning, and resilience in challenging times.
Keys to social-emotional support
from a distance
Want support with SEL and students experiencing trauma Participants will learn strategies to support students’ social-emotional needs in the context of distance and crisis learning.
Keys to educator support Are principals, coaches, or in other roles to support teachers Participants will learn strategies for communicating with teachers, supporting virtual professional learning communities and other collaborations, and gauging the virtual climate of a school.
Keys to your
Google Classroom
Need support with technical tools for online instruction Participants will be introduced to Google Classroom, FlipGrid, and other helpful spaces to design and build easy-to-implement online instruction. This session will also provide support for educators making the switch from classroom- to living room-based teaching.


How can CTQ help you move forward?

2 Minutes

Supporting transitions to virtual learning

Virtual learning communities

From crisis to capacity-building

Since 2003, CTQ has supported thousands of educators and more than three dozen district and organizational partners in using virtual and blended strategies to accelerate learning and collaboration. Our offerings help you meet immediate needs and build long-term capacity.

How can CTQ help you move forward?

1 Minutes

Keys to online learning:
A series by and for educators

CTQ's community of educators has led, learned, and taught online since 2003. Expert practitioners led these e-workshops on how to support effective learning communities for students and professional learners. Check out the recordings.


Date and time Title Facilitator(s) Registration
Completed Creating and facilitating engaging, effective online meetings and classes Lauren Hill &
Noah Klein
Recording link
Slide deck
Completed Googling out: How to use Google Classroom with other platforms to get remote in a jiffy! Jozette Martinez Recording link
Slide deck
Completed Staying connected while letting go of control Haydee Rodriguez & Renee Moore Recording link
Slide deck
Completed How administrators can use virtual tools to support teachers and their virtual learning communities Doyle Nicholson Recording link
Slide deck
Completed Grace, resilience, and self-care: Educating in the midst of a crisis Kiesha
Recording link
Slide deck
Completed Culture and magic: Bringing the intangibles of a classroom to a digital space Jaraux Washington & William Andersen Recording link
Slide deck
Chat box
Completed COVID’s implications for public education Kristoffer Kohl &
Shannon CdeBaca
Recording link
Slide deck
Completed Insight gained: Learning design in virtual spaces Emily Vickery Recording link
Crowdsourced doc

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Lori Nazareno at lnazareno@teachingquality.org.

1 Minutes