ROUNDTABLE: Story matters

The expertise and insights of experienced educators fuels our vision for a public education system that works better for all students. We’ve had the great fortune to work with thousands of teachers, administrators, and system leaders nationwide, listening to and learning from their stories.

In this roundtable, we are thrilled to feature more than 20 compelling stories.

When we informed these educators about featuring their stories, we asked them to reflect on our work together. Each story includes a brief summary of their work, how the development and sharing of their story impacted their practice, and what others need to know about the power of telling their stories.

We are looking forward to each story in this roundtable, and we would love to hear from you, too! We invite you to join the conversation and share your own story and your reflections on what "Story matters" for educators to inform this roundtable discussion. Invite your colleagues to join on social media with #CTQCollab and be sure to follow CTQ on Facebook and Twitter for new blog postings.

1 Minutes