Our friends at Teacher, the Education Week virtual magazine, have a lively blog they’ve tagged “Teaching Now” that’s well worth adding to your feed. In a post yesterday, editor Anthony Rebora highlighted three recent blog articles about the new documentary film Waiting for Superman. All, as it turns out, written by members of our Teacher Leaders Network.

Here are a few more from other TLN member blogs:

• Larry Ferlazzo, the King of teacher resources, is keeping a running list of WFS articles –– at least the ones he finds credible.

• Ken Bernstein, aka teacher Ken at DailyKos, has a list of his own.

• Anthony Cody, who blogs at Teacher under the title “Living in Dialogue,” comments regularly on the negative effects of the film on the teaching profession.

• David Orphal says WFS is a “narrow portrait” but also that it speaks some important truth about the conditions of many students.

• As Patrick Ledesma, another Teacher blogger, awaits the opportunity to see WFS, he reflects on truth and faith and the anti-hero.

• And Jose Vilson wonders: just what does Superman know about pedagogy?

UPDATE: Nancy Flanagan uncovers a disgraceful filler in MORE magazine — a cheap shot at teachers worthy of subscription cancellation.

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