Thought leadership

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For 20 years, CTQ’s role as thought leaders has pushed the field to re-examine professional learning, helped spark a national teacher leadership movement, and inspired educators in all roles to learn and lead together.

Our continuing work as thought leaders helps our partners develop innovative ideas in education that both inspire and inform bold actions to improve teaching, learning, and schooling.

From the hundreds of papers and reports (including two books) published by CTQ and the thousands of blogs posted to the Collaboratory, these important research and practice takeaways drive our work:

  • Improving student achievement depends on teachers’ learning and leadership.
  • Sustaining and supporting highly accomplished teachers requires:
    • supportive administrators who embrace their leadership potential;
    • tools and resources to solve problems with their colleagues; and
    • recognition for their work (financial incentives are important, but not sufficient).
  • The most successful school systems in the world do not focus on “fixing” the relatively few ineffective teachers, but instead focus on unleashing the leadership potential of effective professionals.
  • Administrators do not lose influence as teachers develop more of it. Instead, they become even more influential as they drive systems of collective leadership to power deeper learning outcomes for every student.
  • Scaling good ideas requires that educators work inside a web of professional relationships in ways that de-silo their teaching practices.

CTQ’s work in thought leadership has informed and inspired education leaders and practitioners. We’re proud that our innovations have helped to seed the creation of a teacher leadership field, with dozens of networks and organizations supporting teachers as leaders and districts and states nationwide that draw on our approaches to build systems of teacher and collective leadership.