We serve teachers

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We support teachers as they expand skills and knowledge, share insights and experiences, and provide leadership to other educators.

CTQ works to support individualized professional learning for teachers that keeps them ahead of the curve and prepared to provide the best education to their students. We help build online communities that support teachers to learn, collaborate, and innovate together. We work with educators to share their stories, insights, and results to be scaled and reach more students. We collaborate with school systems to create new career pathways for teachers and support them as co-leaders to meet the needs of students and schools.

Here are two examples of the work CTQ has done with teachers.

Glenna SigmonGlenna Sigmon, Instructional Coach at St. Lucie Public Schools, Florida

For Glenna Sigmon, the past few years have been an adventure of growth and opportunity. After taking part in the Florida Teacher Leader Fellowship and attending a CTQ storytelling retreat, she accepted a position as an instructional coach at Chester A. Moore Elementary School. Glenna, a rising teacher leader, now works alongside fellow teachers and administrators to make a positive impact on 560 students and 25 teachers within her school.

“Now, I have the district superintendent calling me to ask my advice. A lot! This is what really should be happening. [Teachers] are the ones with boots on the ground; we’re the ones in the classroom. If more people are willing to step out of their comfort zone, we will continue to make a powerful impact on teaching and learning.”

CTQ’s storytelling tools helped Glenna discover the power of saying “yes.”

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Justin Minkel, First grade teacher at Jones Elementary, Arkansas

Justin Minkel teaches at a high-performing, high-poverty school where 85% of students are English language learners. As he looked to improve low literacy rates for many kids in his class, he wondered if his students’ lack of access to books at home was part of the problem. His solution was an innovative approach: provide every student in his class with 40 books — tailored to their reading level and interests — over two years to help establish a personal library of books at home. By every measure, the project made a meaningful impact — reading skills improved dramatically among his students. “I had seen the most reading growth I’d ever experienced with a class,” Minkel said.

With the help of a $100,000 Dream Big Challenge grant from Farmers Insurance, Justin’s one-classroom project expanded to create home libraries for 1,800 elementary school students and their families. Over the next two years, Justin worked with more than 70 other teachers to implement a program that gave children in their community books to call their own.

“To get the votes we needed [to win the $100,000 Dream Big Challenge], I had to tap into my networks — like the CTQ Collaboratory. Through Twitter, through Facebook, through email, through word of mouth, we got the votes, and we received the money. As a result, every teacher at my school is involved in the project, and we pulled in two additional schools from our district. The ‘1,000 books project’‘ became the ‘50,000 book project’.”

CTQ’s work with virtual communities allows educators like Justin to build trusted networks and generate results.

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