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CTQ works with administrators to strengthen school leadership teams, retain effective educators, meet instructional and school improvement goals, and boost student learning.

We help guide and unify teams as they identify challenges, set goals, and evaluate the impact of their work. We help administrators maximize the abilities of their educators through individualized professional learning approaches, aligning what educators need with the needs of their schools, districts, and states. We support new approaches that allow administrators to retain their best teachers. We work with teams to collect and share data, spread their expertise, and scale innovative solutions beyond the walls of their own schools.

Here are a few examples of the work CTQ has done with administrators:

Allen Kirby, Principal of Walker Gamble Elementary School, South Carolina

As a school leader, I truly believe that teacher leaders are the cornerstone of the most successful schools. As a principal I have been fortunate to form a partnership with CTQ and the South Carolina Department of Education through being named a pilot school for the Collective Leadership Initiative. Through this partnership and the support of Dr. Connie Dennis, Superintendent of Clarendon School District Three, we have been able to turn the idea of Collective Leadership into a reality at Walker Gamble Elementary School (WGES).

Throughout this process my belief in teacher leadership has been reaffirmed. I have learned how to identify, promote, and provide opportunities for teacher leaders to exhibit their skills. I am proud to say that the lines of leadership have been blurred between administration and teacher leaders at WGES. I can’t wait to experience the additional benefits that will continue to come from Mrs. Jessica Boyington, Mrs. Amanda Williamson, and the future teacher leaders of our school.

CTQ helps principals like Allen and teacher leaders like Jessica and Amanda develop collective leadership to transform their public school to better serve the needs of every student.

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BJ Voges, District Resource Teacher in Professional Learning and School Improvement at Volusia County Schools, Florida

Collaboration between district and teacher leaders at Volusia County Schools led to changed instruction in hundreds of classrooms. Within a year of implementation, a cohort of teacher leaders supported more than 600 teachers as they aligned their instruction with new standards. As a result, students gained as much as 10 points on benchmark assessments. With the support of CTQ, Volusia County educators transformed collaboration and leadership structures in their district to increase teacher capacity and deepen student learning.

Sometimes the leaders, by position, aren’t necessarily the experts. Sometimes those leaders need to listen to teachers who are in the classroom every day. When that starts to happen, it joins [teachers and administrators] together.

CTQ introduces successful models of innovative leadership and professional collaboration to transform systems.

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Are you looking for a way to get started implementing or strengthening collective leadership at your school?       Go to the Collective leadership playbook for tools and resources that your team can use.