Among the recent noteworthy essays and blog entries written by members of the Teacher Leaders Network:

Students Can Do Hard Things — Oakland CA science coach Anthony Cody shares several strategies he and his colleagues are using to teach students they are capable of so much more than they realize. (Teacher Magazine)

Insulted by the Profs? — TLN blogger Bill Ferriter is  “losing some of my patience with college professors,” who often exhibit disdain for the knowledge and insights of classroom teachers. (The Tempered Radical)

Sewing Lessons — Miami-Dade educator Carolyn Guthrie offers an insight about effective coaching and mentoring that all teacher leaders can put to good use. It’s something she learned (alas) at her mother’s knee. (Teacher Magazine)

Taught to the Tune of a Hickory Stick — Reflecting on a recent story in her local paper about student discipline gone awry, TLN blogger Nancy Flanagan puzzles over the mixed messages being sent by the public about the ways schools should be run and teachers should carry out their professional work. (Teacher in a Strange Land)

Checkbook Math: Policy and Practice Don’t Reconcile — Writing in her new TLN-branded blog at Teacher Magazine’s website, Family and Consumer Science teacher Susan Graham regrets that math courses emphasizing life skills have become low-priority in most secondary schools, especially for college-bound students. (A Place at the Table)

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