Support educator storytelling

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We have the experience and tools to help you share stories of success efficiently and effectively so they reach those who will benefit most.

Information is a powerful tool. And in today’s digital world sharing information is easier than ever. CTQ’s staff and supported practitioners have written and published more than 4,100 articles, reports, op-eds, and blogs. We are committed to the power of sharing ideas that can lead to better schools. When educators share stories of the impact they have on students and classrooms, they pave the way for other educators to adopt new and effective strategies of teaching.

At CTQ, we work to help educators share their stories, insights, and results so they can be scaled to reach more students. Using field-tested and classroom-improved storytelling tools, CTQ works alongside educators to help them share their expertise and experiences through stories. And we help educators design communication strategies for their narratives, which can inform and inspire colleagues, students, schools, and communities around the globe.

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