Personalizing professional learning

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Teachers prefer to choose from individualized learning options that are as unique as themselves, their schools, and their students.

K-12 public school systems spend $18 billion annually on professional development. But only 29% of teachers report high levels of satisfaction with those offerings. That isn’t delivering progress for teachers or students.

CTQ’s approach provides a simple, learner-centered system for educators to align their unique professional learning needs with those of their schools, districts, and states. Educator micro-credentials, which provide educators with competency-based recognition of mastered skills, demonstrate how professional learning impacts student learning.

How do you start? CTQ’s Micro-credential Strategy Framework is a free online resource for district- and state-level teams eager to build or improve a personalized, competency-based professional learning system. The framework’s big questions and important tasks help you make the most of your initiative and guide you in the development of a micro-credential strategy that works for you.

What does that look like in action? 

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