Personalize professional learning

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With CTQ, teachers can choose from individualized learning options that are as unique as themselves, their schools, and their students.

Just like students, teachers learn best when their professional learning meets their individual needs. Mounting evidence during the last decade points to the influence of teacher learning and leadership on student achievement in our nation’s schools. K-12 public school systems spend $18 billion annually on professional development, but only 29% of teachers report high levels of satisfaction with those offerings. That isn’t progress for teachers or students.

Our unique approach to professional learning offers individualized options that help educators create innovative, student-centered classrooms and schools. We help teachers and administrators measure their influence as leaders. And help school systems measure the impact of teaching and learning through educator micro-credentials.

CTQ’s approach to individualized learning provides a simple, learner-centered system for educators to align their unique professional learning needs with those of their schools, districts, and states.

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