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The Children’s Books are Done!

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that one of my former student, Philmon, is going to Burkina Faso this summer with an organization called BuildON.  Over the two weeks they will be in country, they will start the construction of a new school for a village there.

Because Philmon is a member of our Education Academy at Skyline, my current 10th graders wanted to be a part of his experience.  We spent weeks researching education in Africa and Burkina Faso, specifically.  Then, we read loads of professionally published children’s books in order to put together the grading rubrics that I would us to assess their books.  Finally, we developed our characters and our plots, story boarded, and got to writing and drawing.

Two weeks ago, we finished our books.  Here is what some of my students had to say about doing this project, and about doing work for a real cause and a real audience.

“What I want the kids in Africa to learn after reading my book is that if they want something, they have to try to get or do it, even though they might have to struggle.  This was the first time I ever did an assignment in school that others would actually see!  It feels different (than doing an assignment for just my teachers) and, at first, I was kind of scared and nervous about it.” ~Anysa


“This is one of the first assignements (I’ve ever done) that I know will not sit in a desk after it is graded.  I had a good time doing this project.  I like artwork.  I had to use my imagination to determine what I wanted my characters to look like and what they were going to do.” ~ Daijah


“I hope that my book becomes at least one child’s favorite.  I worked really hard on my book to make sure that the children in Burkina Faso enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it for them.  When I found out that our books weren’t only for the teachers to read and grade, but to send out to children, I was determined to make a great book for them.”  ~Monique


“I hope the kids learn that they can talk out their problems and don’t hold things in.” ~Destin


“I was happy to do this book, because I could actually change someone’s life.  I learned from this project that I am capable of making something that I had never thought I was capable of.” ~Dashara


“Knowing that this assignment was much more than just a grade was a good feeling.  I felt like I was really publishing a book and that people were really going to read my book.  I hope kids learn from my book how important it is to respect and accept one another.”  ~Cierra



As a teacher, what more could I possibly ask for?



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