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What happens when teachers lead

"You have great leaders that can be the groundswell of this movement, but you have to be aware of the human capital that can be leveraged to making this movement happen." -Tiffany Fuller, District Resource Teacher in Secondary ELA and Reading, Volusia County Schools (FL)

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Thought leadership to transform teaching

“For 15 years, CTQ has helped teachers to
engage deeply in policy and pedagogical reforms
that their students and communities need and deserve.”
- Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University

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Proof points for virtual communities

"The virtual mentoring, professional development, and collaboration I've experienced through CTQ has made me a better teacher and a better leader." - Justin Minkel, Collaboratory member and 2007 Arkansas Teacher of the Year

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Turn today's headache into tomorrow's success

“Aurora Public Schools’ collaboration with CTQ has allowed us to realize new and powerful ways to leverage our talent and build capacity – the kind of capacity that is transformative. I'd encourage any school district to consider developing teacherpreneurs.” – William Stuart,
Former Deputy Superintendent, Aurora Public Schools (CO)

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Our design process for tapping teachers’ expertise

“CTQ’s advocacy for innovative yet pragmatic reforms that help tap teachers’ expertise turns a common sense approach into a transformative process.” – Ryan Wise, Deputy Director, Iowa Department of Education

What people are saying about our impact

  • Teacherpreneur Jessica Cuthbertson says, “CTQ has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth as a teacher leader. Connecting with other solutions-oriented professionals from across the nation through the Collaboratory has helped me become an active edu-blogger and bold advocate for student learning, career pathways and hybrid roles, and teacher-led implementation of the Common Core, as well as other policy initiatives that impact teaching and learning in the 21st century.” 

  • Frederick M. Hess, Director of Education Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, says that CTQ “has played a crucial role when it comes to helping educators reimagine their profession, proposing policies that can make these visions a reality, and engaging in the research to support and guide such an effort.” He adds that CTQ has helped to “free practitioners and policymakers alike from the staid notions that teaching is what teachers have always done.” 

  • “CTQ is unflinching in its commitment to advance the teaching profession by preparing and activating teachers as agents of change,” says Lily Eskelson García, President of the National Education Association (NEA). “CTQ really walks the walk, making this small nonprofit one of the NEA’s most valued partners. Most recently, our collaboration on the Teacher Leadership Initiative is positioning teachers nationwide to be transformative leaders beyond their classrooms." 

  • As Education Program Director of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), Michelle Exstrom realizes that policymakers have much to learn from classroom experts: “CTQ has been critically important to NCSL’s work to connect legislators to well-informed teachers.”

  • TeacherSolutions Reports bring teacher voice efforts to forefront of education leadership

    Anthony Jackson, Asia Society Vice President for Education, comments on a recent CTQ TeacherSolutions report, "A Global Network of Teachers and Their Professional Learning Systems": "This report uniquely brings the teacher’s voice to international discussions of what works to recruit, sustain, and continually enrich a world-class teaching force. To translate global policies to local practice, it is essential reading to 'get it right.'"

  • Janet Lopez and Rose Community Foundation support CTQ to inspire educators and teachers to lead without leaving the classroom

    “Rose Community Foundation has been proud to support the inspiring educators involved with CTQ-Colorado who have chosen to lead and not leave the classroom,” states Janet Lopez, the foundation’s Senior Program Officer. “The teacherpreneurs in metro Denver districts, including Adams 12 and Aurora Public Schools, have shaped important educator effectiveness policies not only in their own districts but also at the state level. Teacherpreneurs have led innovation in the implementation of Colorado’s new standards and the teacher evaluation law, demonstrating that great teachers have the ability to support and lead the implementation of Colorado’s groundbreaking education reforms.” 

  • Jason Glass, Superintendent, Eagle County Schools, on CTQ teacher leadership

    “The practitioner-driven thinking and reporting from CTQ has had a tremendous impact on me and has inspired new visions for this noble and important profession,” observes Jason Glass, Superintendent and Lead Learner of Eagle County Schools (CO). “From the landmark teacher leadership legislation now being implemented in Iowa to our work in re-visioning the teaching profession in Eagle County Schools (CO), the wisdom and insights CTQ provides are making a positive and meaningful difference in both statehouses and schoolhouses across this great nation.”