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Your donation brings educators together to create an excellent, equitable public school system. 

Educators can ensure that public schools serve every student if they work together. CTQ helps teachers and administrators:

  1. Cultivate their ability to share the work of teaching and leading;
  2. Design innovative solutions that overcome barriers to collective leadership; and
  3. Scale what works to colleagues down the hall and around the country

In just one year, Glenna Sigmon “said yes” to opportunities to learn and lead; advocated for herself, her students, and her colleagues; and ultimately transitioned into a formal leadership role in her district. Today, as an instructional coach in a high-needs school, Glenna impacts up to 560 students and 25 teachers annually.

Watch this video to learn how CTQ’s storytelling retreat catalyzed Glenna’s leadership journey:

Your support makes it possible for even more educators like Glenna to “say yes” and take the first steps on their leadership journeys.

  • $10 - provide editorial support for a Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI) ambassador like Renee Moore to share her experiences.
  • $25 - help an educator like Kathleen Melville or Will Anderson go public with a leadership story.
  • $50 - help a teacher leader like Tricia Ebner or Noah Klein attend a storytelling retreat at CTQ.
  • $100 - support an educator like Brian Curtin to lead a dynamic, two-month blogging roundtable, starting and sustaining critical conversations among educators about school policy, pedagogy, and practice.
  • $250 - help provide a customized Cultivating Community for Impact (CCI) experience where a cohort of educators, like Paul Barnwell, learn to start and sustain their own virtual professional learning communities (VLCs).

Your online donation is secure, tax deductible, and more important than ever. Help us protect every child's right to an excellent, equitable public education, driven by the collaboration and talents of all educators.