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Teacher-powered schools on Education Talk Radio

On Tuesday, January 3, Liz Seubert, teacher at Wildlands School in Fall Creek, WI, and Rebekah Kang, special education teacher at UCLA Community School in Los Angeles, CA, appeared on Education Talk Radio, a live broadcast hosted by Larry Jacobs.

Liz and Rebekah, both of whom are Ambassadors for the Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative, shared about their teacher-powered schools and discuss ways for teachers and administrators to make 2017 the year of advancing teacher-powered dreams.

These steps toward teacher-powered include exploring the Discussion Starters for Creating a Teacher-Powered School, navigating the Steps to Starting a Teacher-Powered School, and attending the upcoming 2017 Teacher-Powered Schools National Conference in Los Angeles, where Liz and Rebekah will be presenting.

This link will take you to a recording of the live program.