***UPDATE Fri. 10/22/10: Resistance worked. Score release delayed.


New York City is about to follow Los Angeles’s lead and publicly release individual teachers’ names and their “value-added” impact on students’ high-stakes test scores.

There is nothing positive in this for students, families, teachers, the public, or anyone who wants better educated young people.

The New York Times reports:

Many experts have cautioned against making value-added modeling, a relatively new practice, the sole or primary measure by which a teacher is judged. A variety of studies have found that the results for individual teachers can swing widely from year to year. In New York, additional concerns have been raised because the state standardized tests at the heart of the model were recently judged by state officials to be too predictable and easy to pass.

Wake up, New York City Department of Education! You’re about to confuse and disgrace a lot of good people, and no schools will be better for it. This is not a useful tactic against complacency or incompetence in the teacher corps. This is a hit job.

Cue mass-scale teacher bashing.


***UPDATE Fri. 10/22/10: Resistance worked. Score release delayed.

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