As I was poking through the Connected Principals hashtag (#cpchat) in Twitter last week, I came across a great message on school leadership posted by Chris Wejr (@mrwejr), who is an elementary school principal in British Columbia. I turned it into a slide.  Here it is: (Image Credit:  Icon by Kevin N. Murphy, licensed CC Attribution)   Chris’s message is great, isn’t it?  If principals have an honest desire to be the instructional leaders of their schools, they’ve got to spend as much time in classrooms, hallways and on playgrounds as possible. So the logical question is have we done enough to create the kinds of conditions to allow principals to spend more time leading and less time managing?  Do principal professional development programs put an emphasis on leadership instead of management? Or are principals so burdened by the tasks of management that leadership is impossible? How do effective principals pull off this juggling act?

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