During the course of a recent Twitter conversation about Mike Schmoker’s new book Focus, Lyn Hilt—one of the Connected Principals that I admire the most—-made a comment about student responders that really resonated with me when she said, “I think what matters is what you do AFTER the “click” that counts.

I took Lyn’s comment, adapted it a bit and then added it to this slide:

(download slide and view original image credit on Flickr)

Lyn’s thinking matters, y’all.  Like any technology purchase, there’s nothing magical about student responders.  They can, however, make collecting and acting on data far, far more efficient than the traditional data collection and analysis practices that teachers are forced to use in our schools.

So I guess the question for anyone with an itch to splurge on student responders and a technology budget to burn becomes, “What are YOU going to do to support teachers who are interested in taking action after the clicks in their classrooms?”

If you can’t answer that question, you’re wasting your cash—-and our time.

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