There’s a new collaborative teacher blog coming out of Washington State that’s worth your attention. It’s called Stories from School and among the writers are several members of our Teacher Leaders Network.

Sponsored by the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession, the blog features the thoughts of six National Board Certified Teachers writing about both policy and practice. Recent posts pick up on a “meme” started by Nancy Flanagan, whose blog Teacher in a Strange Land appears here on the TLN website.

Nancy’s prompt: Name five things you wish policymakers knew about your classroom.

The Washington State teacher leaders are among dozens of teacher/educator bloggers who’ve jumped on Nancy’s discussion topic. As David Warlick says, it’s a meme you can sink your teeth into.

Among the insights offered by the teachers at Stories from School are these comments from Kim:

1. My students are not trends, statistics, numbers, or stereotypes. They are complex human beings, each with their own story that includes unique and special circumstances that contribute to their performance in school and their ability to achieve.

2. Likewise, I am not a machine that can spew out canned curriculum at a set pace. I am a Professional , dedicated, heart and soul, to educating our youth and making this world a little bit more understandable to them. In order to do that, I have to know them, their abilities, and their interests.

Other intriguing posts include this one from Tom, writing to say “Thank God for those Onerous Teacher Certification Laws.”

But wait — anyone can teach kindergarten, right?

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