A recent issue of Honoring Progress, a newsletter published by the National Governors Association, highlights the ideas of our Teacher Leaders Network TeacherSolutions team on the best ways to create a meaningful teacher performance-pay system.

The extensive interview with our group of accomplished teachers from across the USA is the centerpiece of this themed issue on professional compensation from the NGA Center for Best Practices.

Here is a sample question and answer from the exchange:

Honoring Progress: With so much at stake, what tools must policymakers provide to ensure accurate and effective evaluations of teacher performance?

TeacherSolutions: Every educator at every level must be evaluated accurately, not only for the awarding of compensation, but also to guarantee a quality education for all students. While standardized test scores and principal observations are two familiar examples of assessing teacher performance, a rigorous and comprehensive approach to evaluation would require the work of each teacher to be measured against clear, pre-determined, mutually acceptable standards using a combination of peer and supervisor review, as well as evidence of effectiveness compiled by the educator.

Such evaluations are already being done on a small scale and can be further developed with teachers at the table. Again, evaluation tools crafted solely by policymakers without the input of expert teachers would most likely be ineffectual.

Read the entire interview to gain a better understanding of the nuanced approach to pay for performance proposed by members of this TeacherSolutions task force. You can access the entire report and a variety of related materials here on the TLN website.

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