Dear Jose and John,

Five tweets really caught my attention during our monthly #teaching2030 Twitter chat last Thursday evening. The chat has quickly grown into a dynamic conversation about issues that matter to teachers. Our topic this month was teacher preparation. Even though they were limited to 140 characters, teachers still shared some amazing insights. Check out five of my favorite Tweets from our #teaching2030 chat about teacher prep and the context for each tweet:

{Laurence reflects on the best aspects of teacher prep programs and experiences}
@informedteacher: What works is the experience of the true grind of the classroom. #teaching2030

{Amy responds to what is needed from teacher prep programs}
@amykfmurphy#teaching2030 I think many programs talk about best practices from research but don’t model them nearly enough. Student teachers need to see them model!

{John responds to the question: How might it have benefited you to have some coursework taught by professors on site in your classroom w/ students?}
@MrBernia: That is a HUGE idea! Wow! Would it look like a “teaching school” much like a “teaching hospital?” #teaching2030

{Mark shares thoughts about the types of experiences needed during teacher preparation}
@jmarkcoleman: More time working directly with students. Student interaction is a craft and finding your voice doesn’t happen overnight. #teaching2030

{Ryan thinks about what the future holds for teacher prep}
@ryankinser: Virtual coaching has teacher prep promise. Versatile, real-time help from pros. #teaching2030

Wow! My mind has raced for days thinking about some of the suggestions—more modeling, “teaching schools,” more student interaction, virtual coaching.  I can’t help wonder how panels of practicing teachers might improve teacher prep programs around our nation. These teachers are speaking. Are those who prepare teachers for America’s classrooms listening? I certainly hope so!

Join us for the next #teaching2030 chat on Thursday, February 16th at 8:30 – 9:30 ET. The topic will be 21st-century learning. Hope to see you there!

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