So I’ve been blogging now for 5+ years! It’s been an extremely rewarding experience to process my opinions and experiences as an educator in writing and to voice them in the context of the diverse experiences and perspectives within this field. Here’s a link to my very first post in April 2008 about what it meant to me to be “Going public” with my teaching practice.

I’d have to say the blogosphere is one of the most interesting places in education these days! But lately I’ve been asking myself, why am I here while others are not? I guess it’s partly that I like writing more than a lot of my teacher friends. But at the same time, I know many great teachers who have important ideas. Their colleagues know about them and benefit from their work, but these teachers do not currently participate in the conversations that happen in the blogsphere, so their influence often stops at their building walls.

This summer, I’ve decided to bother and cajole several of my favorite colleageus and teacher friends to either write a post about some of the most interesting work they do or allow me to interview them. I look forward to sharing some of the awesome teachers in my world with those who are listening. The first one is coming later today. Please comment if you can!



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