As part of our partnership with Education Week’s Teacher magazine,  the Teacher Leaders Network provides weekly articles sharing ideas about good practice and offering teacher commentary on important issues. Here’s several of our latest contributions!

Teaching Secrets: Managing October Exhaustion — Elena Aguilar offers ideas about rejuvenating yourself as those feelings of being overwhelmed grow, a month or more into the school year. She frames her advice in the context of “alleviat[ing] fatigue so we can resume the good fight” on behalf of sane teaching conditions.

Difficult Choices: My Charter School Job Hunt — TLN Forum member Alison Stachniak, whose story of being passed over for a TFA candidate is told in the recent book Learning on Other People’s Kids, tells the lively tale of her job search among Chicago charter schools.

Why Great Teachers Quit — TLN’er Steve Owens, a current classroom teacher ambassador for the US Department of Education, reviews Katy Farber’s book Why Great Teachers Quit — sharing her views and solutions, and some of his own.

Teaching Secrets: Creating More Time for Learning — In Marsha Ratzel’s tour of her own classroom, she shares strategies she uses to establish classroom routines and create nearly a month of extra teaching time.

Find more recent teacher-authored articles at the TLN archive page at Teacher Magazine.

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