The Teacher Leaders Network recently celebrated the third anniversary of our partnership with Teacher Magazine and Editorial Projects in Education, the publisher of Education Week, to bring more expert teacher voice to the national conversation about our public schools. Nearly 160 individual essays and excerpts from our daily TLN Forum conversations have appeared in the online magazine and been spread throughout the Web by the power of social media and through large-scale e-newsletters like ASCD SmartBrief.

Here’s a sample of our weekly postings from the last several months:

Giving Classrooms a Purpose
California author-educator Larry Ferlazzo explains why having a clear understanding of mission is the secret to classroom management and student success.

Teaching Secrets: Creating Positive Classroom Management
Rhode Island teacher-coach Marti Schwartz explains how helping students take pride in positive behaviors—and reflect on negative ones—can help change the classroom environment.

Does Grading Bias Apply to Education Reports?
A damning new report card on innovation in education relies on a selective view of the teaching profession, says math teacher Bob Williams, Alaska’s 2009 teacher of the year.

Lessons in Democracy
A new book prompts Maryland’s Ken Bernstein, a high school government teacher, to question how well schools teach—or even reflect upon—the art of democratic participation.

Should Teachers Sell Their Class Materials?
Members of the Teacher Leaders Network argue that teachers have a right to profit from their own intellectual work. (November 18, 2009)

The Experience Factor
Who said anything about retiring? Some Baby Boomer teachers find they’re only now reaping the benefits of their hard-won knowledge and skills.

Making Professional Development an Inside Job
Anthony Cody, a science coach in Oakland CA, questions why districts insist on hiring outsiders to conduct PD when local classroom teachers have so much to offer.

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