Ariel Sacks is a sixth-year English teacher in Brooklyn NY. Her blog On the Shoulders of Giants appears at the Teacher Leaders Network website. In a powerful new post, she writes:

I ran into my former colleague, “Joe,” a gifted teacher and leader, who transferred to a KIPP charter school this year. I wrote about him…in the winter, when he was raving about how wonderful it was to teach at KIPP, where everything is so well planned, resourced, organized and implemented. In particular, I was compelled by his statement that it was much easier to progress as a teacher, to spot and address his weaknesses, which had been too difficult to discern in the chaotic environments of other schools that serve high needs populations.

This time the story was different. He looked a little vacant as he told me he wouldn’t be returning to his school next year.  I got excited for a minute, thinking maybe he’d come work at my school again.  “No,” he told me, shrugging. “I’m leaving teaching. I don’t have a plan.”

Read Ariel’s complete reflection on “A Casualty of the Teaching Profession.”

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