Bill Ferriter is feed up with teacher leadership today — not this blog, but the tendency to limit the definition of “leadership” to traditional roles like new-teacher mentoring. When it comes to leadership, is the profession “imprisoned by mentoring?” Bill wants to know.

Renee Moore recently led her community college colleagues through a re-accreditation process where they heard strange and unusual terms like “student learning outcomes” and “multiple assessments.” As a recent high school English teacher, Renee seems a bit less than sympathetic to what she perceives as a common resistance to accountability in higher education.

Nancy Flanagan, small-potatoes education blogger, pens an open letter to Chester Finn, internationally famous and influential education reformer, about his new memoir,Troublemaker. As Checker edges up to educational meritocracy, Nancy forthrightly declares herself a “democratic equality” kind of gal.

And speaking of the ubiquitous Dr. Finn, Susan Graham, in her TLN-branded blog at Teacher Magazine, also considers the “lessons learned” by the former assistant secretary of education and founder of the widely read journal Education Next. Susan even sets up a math problem one must solve in order to determine how much powdered milk the Finn children had to drink to pay their way through private high schools. (Check the comments for Finn’s snippy reply.)

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