Looping: The #1 Reason Why I Became A Career Teacher

I wasn’t prepared for my first classroom…but my students were ready for me.

I wasn’t prepared for my first classroom…but my students were ready for me.

A three-year looping journey with my first group of students, from sixth to seventh, then seventh to eighth grade, is the number one reason why I’m still teaching.

Looping changed my professional life.

This year, I’m looping with students again. Watching my sixth graders from last year become more confident (and some days conflicted) seventh graders keeps our classroom both fresh with new ideas, and grounded in familiar relationships and a shared learning history.

Have you looped with students? If so, what were the results? Want to try looping? Read more about the benefits here and share what stimulates and energizes your teaching life. 

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  • CossondraGeorge


    I love looping with my students. Teaching special ed means I am able to work with the same students for multiple years. This year, I have 13 students, most of whom I have had since 6th grade.I will be sad to see them go to high school next year… or maybe, I will follow them to high school? 

    I find the looping experience rewarding in many ways. My students and I develop a relationship, much like parent and child – we know each others’ expectations, our triggers, our successes, our struggles. We are a family of learners. 

    • JessicaCuthbertson

      Looping & Relationships

      Thanks for sharing your experience with looping, Cossondra!

      I agree that the relationships formed between teachers, students and families through looping are incredibly important (especially during the middle school years!) I looped with my special education students this year, but also with several of my gifted and talented and second language learners. I think in all cases students are supported when the teacher knows a great deal about their academic strengths and growth areas from day 1 of the school year. 

      What ideas do you have to make looping an option for more teachers, regardless of their role and/or the population they teach? Do you think student would benefit at the high school level or is looping most important in middle school or earlier in a student’s academic journey? 

      • Joseph Funk, Megan Harris, and Andrew Kosinski


        We are students at Elk Neck Elementary. We want to know why looping is so important to the students and what the scientistic reseach shows that it helps students. 
      • Andrew Kosinski Joseph Funk, Nathan England and Megan Harris


          We are 4th grade students at Elk Neck Elementary. We want to know why looping is so important. Joe and I want the same teacher next year and we are writing a letter to our principle and want to know why it is so important. Thank you and have a nice day! 

        • JessicaCuthbertson

          Hello 4th graders! 🙂

          Hello 4th graders!

          I think it’s very exciting that you want to loop with your teacher! You can read my full post by clicking here. The best evidence I have for this method is the feedback from my former students. They have seen benefits in their learning because we start the school year day 1 off and running. We skip a lot of the ‘getting to know you’ expectations and get straight to learning! Having a strong relationship with your teacher can help you self-advocate for yourself as a learner. Your teacher already knows how you learn best and how to support you. I am looping again next year (taking my 7th graders to 8th grade) and they are already trying to talk me into moving up to high school with them :). 

          You can read more about the researched benefits of looping by clicking these links: here, here, and here

          If you want to share a draft of your letter to your principal with me I’d be happy to support you with feedback. Thanks for the comment and good luck! 🙂 

  • Jenn Henderson


    I looped three years at the middle school level and it was an amazing experience!  I feel that we were able to grow so much more together because of the relationships that were built and the uninterrupted building of knowledge, processes and understanding.  I am happy to be looping again next year, taking my 9th graders to 10th grade!