David Cohen — California high school English teacher, NBCT, and TLN member — volunteered to blog live for Teacher Magazine from last week’s National Board for Professional Teaching Standards conference in Atlanta. His thoughtful and skillfully written commentaries will be of interest not just to NBCTs, but to teachers of all descriptions, in any location, at any state of their careers — so long as they’re interested in leadership.

We recommend landing on the main page (link above) and just scrolling down to sample David’s reports. He took his camera along, so there are plenty of graphics to complement the prose. To entice you, we’ll share just one brief excerpt from a blog post titled “Teacher Leadership in Action.”

I can’t leave Atlanta without mentioning one of the more exciting projects I heard about. Lori Nazareno is about to take the helm as the Lead Teacher at Denver’s brand new Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy. Nazareno is an NBCT on the Board of Directors of NBPTS, and a member of Teacher Leaders Network. Her new school will be run entirely by the teachers, and it is a project that has certainly attracted attention, reflected in the full enrollment, the number of teachers who applied to work there, and the promises from staff at Denver Public Schools to lend the school its full support.

Nazareno thinks that the highly qualified applicant pool reflects an important characteristic about this type of teacher: they are not interested in working at schools that have tightly regimented principal leadership…

Nazareno, by the way, is in the second phase of her leadership career. Before moving to Denver just a few years ago, she had co-founded and led a powerhouse group in Florida, “NBCTs of Miami-Dade,” while teaching full-time.

So check out Cohen’s reports. You’ll enjoy the voice of a friendly colleague traveling the same journey toward greater teacher ownership of the teaching profession. A colleague brave enough to eat fried okra and peach cobbler, just for the memories.

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