Since 2005, Phi Delta Kappa’s PDK Edgeseries has served up a hefty single-author essay on current ed topics every other month. Each issue is published in both a PDF and paperback format and supplemented by a podcast interview with the author. You must be a PDK member or print subscriber to access the full essay, but recent podcasts are available for public listening at no charge.

Our colleague Barnett Berry, President of the Center for Teaching Quality, is the latest author in the EDge series, writing on a topic he’s quite passionate about: the future of the teaching profession. In his essay and podcast, Berry not only imagines possible futures for the profession but offers ideas about how teachers can prepare themselves and their professional communities for the years ahead.

Listen to his podcast interview here.

Berry’s contribution to PDK EDge comes at a propitious time. He is currently collaborating with a team of 12 teacher-authors to produce a book on the future of teaching, to be released in 2010 by a major education publisher. Find out more about this TeacherSolutions 2030 project, supported by the Metlife Foundation, at the Center for Teaching Quality website.

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