Hey John,

There’s been plenty of conversation about adding more time to the school day and its usefulness in the current environment. The overemphasis on the quantity versus the quantity prompted a blog I wrote recently that took a satirical look at how schools could use more instructional time.

Renee Moore, one of our favorite bloggers on this program, took a more serious look at this topic in her recent post.

Slowly, we are realizing that learning and time do not have to be conjoined. It is not only possible, but possibly much better for students to learn at varying paces, based on the subject matter, availability of resources, their particular learning strengths, interests, and weaknesses–moving toward common goals, but arriving from different directions.

This “personalization” of education doesn’t necessitate online learning, though that’s an available route. The more salient route might be to get a better understanding of schedule, and for that matter, what school means. The Carnegie units of school may give a good framework for people who don’t know where to start from, but limit those who truly want to innovate learning.

Why do we expect learning and/or schooling to be linear when we as humans aren’t? Good points by Renee overall, and worth a read.

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