Let me ask you a quick question:  When was the last time that you heard teachers grumble about toasters?

Never, right?  Everyone digs their toasters.

In fact, I don’t think I know anyone that has turned their backs on toasters.  Toaster-love is a universal truth.



Here’s why that matters:   While they clearly love their toasters, many teachers are all-too-ready to turn their backs on school change efforts.

Pitch a new digital tool and skeptics start squawking immediately.  Suggest a new instructional practice and SOMEONE will point out a million reasons it’s bound to fail.  Propose a school-wide strategy for reaching more kids and you are likely to be quelling a break-room rebellion before the day is out.

If we could figure out just what it is about toasters that makes them so darn lovable, we MIGHT just be able to tailor school change efforts that are more likely to be embraced, too.

(And YES, I’m being serious.)





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