We agree with Alexander Russo (and while not a first, it’s not an everyday occurrence) who says: “I’m all for group blogs, and ones that include real, live educators.” Russo was touting the revamped education blog at the Los Angeles Times, titled Homeroom (well, at least it doesn’t involve apples). The LAT has invited two young Teach for America teachers to “group blog” — and a high school senior, too, whose idea of kicking back is earning his black belt in karate. He’s an LAT intern. The blog accepts comments and gets quite a few. The most interesting, from the newspaper’s point of view, are featured in the right margin.

We kind of miss their old blog, which featured a link to our website, but fame is fleeting. Check out the youngsters — education needs fresh voices and frank opinions.

And speaking of Teach for America, Russo has interesting comments about the recent New York Times article describing a “new TFA that “is much much larger and features corporate-style recruiting efforts and a hyper-aggressive PR operation.”

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