The PBS NewsHour has a good page on their website where they’re archiving stories and videos on the topic of “Generation Next.” You’ll find segments from Judy Woodruff’s documentary series, which began airing about a year ago. Here’s the promo:

Generation Next is a diverse, tolerant and informed group of people. In this one-hour documentary, journalist Judy Woodruff travels across the U.S. and speaks with adults 16-25 years old to gauge their beliefs on today’s most pressing issues, such as terrorism, immigration, environment and health care. What she found will surprise you.

The NewsHour’s pages also feature background stories and clips on “the Demographic” that explore the world of Generation Next, including dialogue among young people in this age group. There’s an announcement that Woodruff has completed another hour of documentary that will appear on most PBS stations on September 5.

This is a great resource for high school teachers and other educators who want to deepen their understanding of the first generation of 21st Century teens.

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