Julie Hiltz



Julie Hiltz is a National Board Certified media specialist currently in her 13th year of teaching. She received her master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of South Florida in 2002. She has been the Lutz Elementary School Advisory Committee Chairperson and a Hillsborough Association of School Library Media Specialists board member. Julie currently teaches at Lutz Elementary in Lutz, Florida.

Work this year as a teacherpreneur

Julie is networking and advocating for teacher leaders in Florida, helping them identify their passions and skills to personalize their leadership experience.

Leadership verb: Collaborate

On being a teacherpreneur

“Teacherpreneurs are valuable roles for schools and districts because they allow time and space for expert teachers to spread their knowledge and work on projects that benefit the school community.”

Support from administrators

“My principal and district administrators have supported my role as a teacherpreneur by being thoughtful in their hiring for my part-time teaching partner, promoting my work with stakeholders, providing an avenue for continuous communication, and allowing me autonomy and flexible scheduling.”

Follow Julie’s work

Twitter: @juliehiltz

Blog: Open Door Policy

Past projects as a teacherpreneur

  • #TeachingIs (Spring 2014)
  • Mapping Personal Teacher Leadership workshop at FL ECET2
  • Teacher Leadership webinar series (Fall 2013)

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