Join the great campaign to change the public narrative about teachers. #IKnowaTeacher celebrations are shared to thank teachers who you know personally or know about who every day, year-after-year, do so much, for so many, with so little.

…who taught me by example to arrive early and stay late (Hint: That’s what good teachers were doing long before TFA). Thank you Mr. Tolliver.

…who well past 60 could still jump desks and bust misbehaving 6th graders. Thank you Mrs. Tregear.

…who after teaching for 40 years, became the go-to edtech guru for her rural high school. Thank you Mrs. Harris.

…who is part of a group of teachers that designed and runs their own public school based on the Five Core Propositions of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Thank you Lori Nazareno.

…who has dedicated over 38 years to working with students of poverty. Thank you Jon Hanbury.

…of teachers who has transformed how we teach writing by reminding us to keep students at the center. Thank you Dixie Goswami.

…who always brings the edreform discussion back to what does this mean for the students. Thank you Susan Graham.

…who keeps helping other teachers [like me] grow in our thinking and use of digital tools with students. Thank you Bill Ferriter.

…who is absolutely fearless about speaking truth to power in defense of students and teachers. Thank you Anthony Cody.

…who pioneered teaching paperless English classes in the 80s and has consistently issues of power and equity in education.  Thank you Ted Nellen.

…who not only does an amazing job working with students who are ELL, but has also authored three important books, is a 24/7 educational resources curator (and the fastest retweeter I know). Thank you Larry Ferlazzo.

…who excels at asking the most challenging questions and pointing out the many glaring contradictions in U.S. education policy. Thank you Nancy Flanagan.

…several dozen, actually, who are former students of mine and now teachers themselves bringing me hope for our profession. Thank you Angela Towers, Ronda Rimmer, Archie Mitchell, Pamela Jones….

To all the teachers I know personally and know about who every day, year-after-year, do so much, for so many, with so little….

Thank you.

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(Thanks to John Holland for this great campaign to change the public narrative about teachers).

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